One Moment | Lucious Low Brass

This week has been out of control busy for my husband. The annual Pokorny Low Brass seminar is in full swing. Truly world class low brass players: Gene Pokorny, tuba and Mick Mulcahy, trombone, from the Chicago Symphony Orchestra,  Randy Hawes, brass trombone of the Detroit Symphony, and Tim Higgins, trombone in the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra. (In case you’re not up to date in the classical music scene, those are 3 of the best orchestras in the world!)

Not only are these guys fabulous players, they are very fun people to hang out with!

They’re big fans of our local brewery, so when I suggested I tie dye Hanger 24 shirts for them, they not only loved the idea, they wanted to wear them for the group concert they gave tonight!

These men are rock stars! Such incredible sounds we heard tonight. Low brass have such a rich sound, and in the hand of these masters, the sum is truly greater than it’s parts.

Here’s a picture of all the folks who are taking part in the seminar this week (you can click and enlarge it).

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