Giveaway Day is Here!

The lovely ladies over at Sew Mama Sew has put together a huge list of blogs hosting giveaways this week, if you’ve got some time, head on over and enter some more!

I have ONE MORE WEEK of teaching…and then I’m out for summer – WAHOO! One of the things I’m going to do more of this summer is some faux snow dyeing. I live in the desert part of Southern California, so there’s not much snow around these parts, but I have an ice machine that makes crushed ice, so I used that to do some “snow dyeing” over a year ago. I made some lovely fabrics:

look at that lovely rainbow!

Here are pix from an experiment I ran comparing the faux snow dyeing with my other dyeing methods.

Although I may have used a couple of these pieces, the bulk are sitting in a bin marked “pretty pieces”. I know I’ll get around to using them at some point, but I thought it would be nice to share too!Β So, if you’d like one of these pretties in your stash, simply leave a comment! You don’t have to say anything in particular, but since today (May 23) is my son Liam’s 14th birthday, you could wish him happy birthday! πŸ˜‰

NOTE: Comment moderation is turned on, so don’t be worried if your comment doesn’t shop up right away – I have to approve it first!

Today is “Tie Dye Day” in my Mother EarthΒ Chemistry class (here are pix from last year’s fun) so I’m going to be having a busy day!

This giveaway will close Wednesday the 25th at midnight Pacific, and I will send it out (internationally if necessary) the following Monday!

Good luck!

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  1. Happy 14th birthday Liam.

    I have dyed yarn – both wool and synthetics – but have not yet tried to dye fabric. So much to try; so little time!

  2. Happy Birthday Liam!!!!!!

    Also, these fabrics are GORGEOUS! I’d love to have any of them just to hold and play with and make something pretty out of πŸ™‚

    thanks for the giveaway!

  3. Gorgeous Fabrics! I can see how passionate you are about dying. I am in awe.
    Thanks for the giveaway,

  4. Love your fabrics and your blog, am an avid follower…Happy Birthday Liam :o)

  5. Happy Birthday Liam! My ‘baby’ had his birthday on the 11th – he’s 19!

  6. Happy birthday liam! 14 is a big deal, hope its wonderful! I have never seen snow dyed fabric before so when I came across this I was enthralled! Its beautiful! Thank you for sharing

  7. Wow! I love the faux snow fabrics! I can’t believe you have a “pretty fabrics” bin. Seriously, I have not seen ONE fabric that you have that is NOT pretty! πŸ™‚

    Happy Birthday, dude! Rock on!

  8. I live in Colorado, so could do some actual snow dyeing, but haven’t yet. You may have inspired me…an we may yet have snow (had some last week).

  9. Happy Birthday to Liam! What a great name! I would love to win a piece of your beautiful fabric. Thanks.

  10. Beautiful fabrics!
    Happy Birthday Liam! May your future bring much happiness and success!

  11. Happy b-day, Liam! (Liam is the name I wanted my son, no luck, and them my grandson, to be named – no luck again! I got a Brendan and an Ezra!) LOVE the name Liam!

  12. Your fabrics are stunning.

    I have a soft spot for Liams (mine is a rambunctious 3 year old). I wish you Liam a very happy birthday.

  13. Wow! Some amazing colors. These are beautiful pieces. AND, happy birthday to your darling one. Blessings

  14. What lovely fabrics! The colors are amazing. Thanks for the chance to win. Birthday Greeting to Liam, hope his day is special. jmniffer at comcast dot net

  15. Happy birthday, Liam!

    and *now*, I have to go look up snow dyeing! Those pieces look fabulous!

  16. I live in the land where there is lots of snow (fortunately, not today) so the snow dying is so interesting. I would love to try a piece of your fabulous fabric.

  17. Nice idea – dying (or is it dyeing?) in Chemistry. πŸ™‚
    Thanks for the giveaway,

  18. I loved seeing the different fabric dying methods, and would love some fabric for my pretty basket. Thanks for the giveaway. (hope there’s some birthday cake)

  19. I love the colors in Wild Rice-especially Faux Snow! So pretty! Thanks Candy for the opportunity to win some of your fabrics.

  20. Happy Birthday Liam! I have become addicted to snow dyeing this winter as we have lots of snow here…even woke up to a light dusting of snow on the ground this morning! Thanks for the chance to win one of your beautiful fabrics.

  21. Oh yes, I’d love to win some of your awesome fabric. And happy birthday to your son, Liam.

  22. Those fabrics are beautimous!! I have a Liam, too, though he’s only 2. πŸ™‚ Happy Birthday Liam!!

  23. Hello. Your fabrics are very beautiful. I grew up in Lancaster, CA. Do you live in that desert part or further east in the Palm Springs area?

  24. I’ve got a 14 year old girl, so happy birthday to you’re son. they do grow fast. Too fast.. Hope he will have a great year. I love what you did with the fabric. great job.

  25. Those pieces are so pretty!!!! Would love to win!
    Happy Birthday Liam, hope you have a great day!

  26. Happy Birthday Liam! πŸ˜€ Your fabrics are beautiful! Thank you for letting us have the opportunity to add them to our fabric stashes =)

    just HAD to do that first… everyone loves to have a birthday.
    AND i had the bonus of finding a wonderful web site to visit from now on – AND you’re in california πŸ™‚
    i am so glad i clicked on the link to see who was participating.
    thnx for your participation

  28. Such gorgeous fabrics – I do love that result, Candy! HAPPY BIRTHDAY LIAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh they grow up too fast….

  29. I looooove all these fabrics. I have never had luck with tye dye. It always turns a funcky yuck color. Yours are beautiful.

  30. I love your tie dyes.
    I have been getting some fat quarters to build a stash, so I can do some small art pieces. I love the ones that I can use for backgrounds and some for the appliques.

    Happy Birthday to Liam!


  31. Beautiful fabrics! Love the use of bright colors. You’ve inspired me to try to create some of my own!

  32. That sounds like so much fun dyeing your own fabrics! I would love to get into that!

    Happy Birthday Liam! I almost had a nephew named Liam but his mom sucks so now his name is Ethan. I prefer the name Liam, but it’s not my kid!

  33. Those colors are awesome! I just started making fabric bowls and these fabrics would make outstanding pieces! Oh … And Happy Birthday Liam!!

  34. What pretty fabrics that would make a fun colorful project.
    Happy Birthday to your son what a perfect time of year for a Birthday!

  35. Happy birthday to your son! πŸ™‚ I LOVE the fabrics! I’m just drooling over everything I could possibly make with those vibrant colors!

  36. They look great, thanks for the chance. Happy birthday Liam πŸ™‚ this time 2 years ago I was in labour with my little boy, but he waited until 25th to make an appearance lol!

  37. It’s been a while since I’ve had a 14 year old in the house. I miss it. Enjoy yours, before you know it he’s gone.

  38. Happy Day of Your Birth, Liam!

    I also wanted to comment on how beautiful these pieces are. I actually really like the faux snow tie dye because the colors look softer and warmer.

  39. Your fabrics are gorgeous. Happy birthday Liam. 14 is a great ago to be.

    Limor477 at aol dot com

  40. Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday dear Liam
    Happy Birthday to you!

  41. Happy Birthday Liam! Thanks for the giveaway – your fabrics are beautiful!

  42. i am NOT brave enough to venture into dyeing fabric, but yours is so beautiful!!

  43. Special people have birthdays today (me included), love your creativity using an ice machine, I don’t have snow available so what a great alternative. Thanks for offering a giveaway…..

  44. Feliz Cumpleanos! I have never sewn with this type of design, but it looks like fun. Thanks for the chance to win.

  45. Happy 14th birthday, Liam! Enjoy it, kid.
    I absolutely am in love with the Sunset fabrics. They’re so cute, and they’d be awesome as a t-shirt!

    rachaelroyce [at] gmail [dot] com πŸ™‚


  46. Happy Birthday Liam! Today is also my mother and sister’s birthdays.

    lindsay.forgette at gmail dot com

  47. Happy birthday, Liam!
    I love love love your fabrics. Have never heard of snow dyeing either. We had so much snow this past winter in New England… maybe next year!

  48. wow daffodil sky is truly gorgeous!!!! Happy Birthday Liam! – my friend’s son is also Liam and about the same age πŸ˜‰ HOpe he has a great day.


  49. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LIAM!! 14 is a fun age. My youngest daughter just turn 15. My advice to you is have fun, be good, and be respectful!! I love those fabrics. The faux snow gives it a very interesting effect.

  50. Candy, I am so happy to have found your blog linked through the Sew, Mama, Sew giveaway… I am really inspired by your art quilts and by your Mother Earth Chemistry class (as a long-ago chemistry major!) – what fun! I would love the opportunity to work with one of your pretty fabric pieces. Oh, and happy birthday Liam!

  51. Happy 14th Birthday!
    Happy end of the school year!
    beautiful fabric!

  52. Happy birthday Liam! It’s my son-in-law’s birthday today too. Happy birthday Darcy (we celebrated yesterday). Thanks for a chance to win some lovely fabric.

  53. Hello,
    This is the time of year that I regret not going into teaching! I wish I could have summers off work. I would love to try fabric dyeing. I know I would love it, but I already have too many addictions I can’t keep up with!

  54. Oh my….I cannot believe you made these beautiful fabrics!!! I want to learn how to paint fabric. I feel like there is many important things I need to know. Wish I had someone like you who lived closer to me. Thanks for the oppty to win something extreemly unique! Happy Happy 14th to Liam! Wow…14! Mine are 9 and 3 and it still makes me cry that they are growing up in the blink of an eye!

  55. Oooooo, cooool! If I won I’d use these to make something for my friend L – we tie-dyed baby clothes for her kid-to-be at her baby shower! πŸ™‚

  56. Thank you for the great giveaway.

    atchisonsteph at gmail dot com

    Happy Birthday to your son!

  57. Happy Birthday Liam! Those fabrics are unlike anything I have and I would love to play with them! I have no idea what I would make, though I’m feeling some type of quilt.

  58. Happy Birthday Liam and good luck with your tie dying class. Isn’t it nice when End of levels are finished and you can have some fun in class for the last few days. Love what you’ve done. Gorgeous colors and mixes.

  59. THose are lovely!

    And, happy birthday to your son!

    RP from BBC {at} gmail {dot} com

  60. Oh good grief, those are some beautiful fabrics!! Happy end of the school year!

  61. What beautiful colors! You did a wonderful job.

    Thank you for the chance to enter your giveaway. πŸ™‚

  62. Happy Birthday Liam, 14 is a great age. Have a wonderful year. p.s.Your Mom makes beautiful fabrics.

  63. Beautiful fabrics! Would love a chance to win! Happy Birthday Liam!!! Have some fun!

  64. Ooo, my stash would love to play with some of these pretties. Thanks for the chance.

  65. Happy Birthday, Liam. Only two more years until you’ll be able to acquire your driver’s license! Woohoo!

  66. Dying your own fabric? Wow how brave of you! I will have to have a look of how well they work in your quilts. Do you ever have a problem with teh dyes bleeding into the other pieces? Happy birthday to your son Liam as well, lol!

  67. I’d love a piece of that very first one, top left, to make a doll out of. I’m going to see if you have an etsy shop so I can purchase some….

  68. Your tie dies are amazing. Thanks so much for the chance to win something so creative.

  69. Happy “B” Day Liam! May you enjoy Your Day to the fullest, and be surrounded by family and friends today and everyday πŸ™‚
    Thank you for a chance to win such amazingly beautiful fabric!

  70. I love sunset.

    It is exciting and difficult watching our babies grow. I rocked my baby tonight and then looked at my two year old then fou year old. The seven year old, finally nine year old. They were all babies yesterday, and I still see their beautiful baby faces.

  71. Happy Birthday Liam!! Hope your day was awesome πŸ˜€

    I’m sitting here in a tie dye shirt right now…you can imagine how excited I am for this giveaway
    Thanks for the opportunity πŸ™‚


  72. Beautiful fabric! And Happy Birthday Liam! Thanks for the chance to win!