In Stitches Vol. 3

I’ve got a lot to celebrate today!

First, the winner from this weeks’ giveaway is # 47 from all 389 of you………..

Kristy K! Look for my email Kristy so I can send you your fabric!

I’m also celebrating because my latest publication is out. My Botanical Sketching is in volume 3 of Quilting Arts In Stitches e-mag!

This e-mag is new type of publication from the folks at Quilting Arts, it’s much more than a digital version of a print magazine (which they also do, and I’ve started subscribing to the regular Quilting Arts Magazine that way too).

Every article is printable, but also includes slideshows with really detailed pictures so you can zoom in really close to focus on a detail.

Here’s a screen shot from the first “page” of my article:

The little orange button on the right brings up a PDF version of the article, the orange bar on the left brings up my bio and my answer to some questions about stitching they asked everyone from this issue. The article continues for four more pages. The great feature of this magazine is that it includes videos. For this article, I walk you through stitching that black-eyed Susan, explaining what I’m doing during each phase of construction…it’s kind of like you’re standing over my shoulder while I’m showing you what I’m doing, but you didn’t have to travel to Redlands, CA to do it! (Click here if the embedded video doesn’t appear below).

The navigation of the e-mag is quite ingenious! Here’s a welcome video from editor Jane Davila that also includes a tour of the magazine done by Pokey Bolton, head of all things Quilting Arts! (Click here if the embedded video doesn’t appear below).

This is an awesome new way to explore the world of art quilting, and I am so happy to be a part of it!

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