101 Patchwork

Hooray! Another set of articles I can share with you! 101 Patchwork Projects from Quilting Arts Magazine hits the newstands this week, and of course is available for online purchase as well. As the title suggests, it’s a magazine filled with ideas to make all sorts of things using patchwork! I love love LOVE the vase on the cover by Lucie Summers, but there are tons of other patterns I can’t wait to try! (Although I fear it will be summer before i do!)

My sketchy stripes pillow is in the home dec section, and my pocketin board is in the studios section.

But WAIT there’s MORE! 🙂 In early March I got an e-mail from Helen Gregory, the editor of Quilting Arts, asking me to tape a simple how-to video of the improvisational piecing that is featured in both the pillow and the pocketin board to post on their website as an online extra. I of course said yes, and the next weekend, the hubby and I spent some time taping. We ended up a few different takes at different angles. I’m especially proud that I was able to use Window’s live Movie Maker (which has been installed on my computer for I don’t know how long…who knew it was even there? Not me!) to splice 3 different shots together, so the best angle for each part of the demo was shown. If you’d like to take a look, you’ll find my video here (you’ll have to sign into the Quilting Arts site in order to see it).

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  1. Soooooo cool!! Glad to see you getting the glossy space(s) you so deserve with your talent!! Woohoooooo!