iPad Sleeves in My Shop!

The show last Saturday was slow, but at least it didn’t rain! I was able to get 6 iPad sleeves done in time. Lots of people admired them, but no-one who saw them actually HAD an iPad, LOL! So this gave me motivation to get them up for sale on my site. I’ve been slowly implementing an actual cart program in the shop, I’ve already had a couple of sales and I’m really happy with this system (for those that are interested, I’m using Cart66 with Gravity Forms for the more complicated orders).

The toughest thing about online selling for me has been that everything that I sell is one of a kind, which means I have to post lots of individual items, and often times I don’t get around to it before it’s sold at a show! With the addition of the Gravity Form plugin, I’ll be able to create a form where people can order their own item after seeing examples of what I’ve made. But for now, I’d love to sell a couple of these!   😉

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