Red Dirt Art Festival Spring 2011

Just a quick post to share some pix from my show on Saturday. It was clear, thank goodness, but chilly. Turnout was less than usual, but it wasn’t a horrible show. I do think that we’re all feeling our pinched economy though.

I had a nice spot – except for the darn metal pole! I had to do a quick side switcharoo, in the future I need to remember that the shelving works best when it’s in the center, with the side walls for bags and scarves!

5 Responses

  1. Candy, it looks very very inviting! I would have been hard-pressed to resist all that loveliness! And I just remembered I did NOT enter your wonderful giveaway from last week – I was having computer problems and made a mental note to come back you, but alas, never did! Anyway, I’m sure your future shows will do better! Your art is gorgeous!