Complete: Commission for 104 Hand Dyed Scarves!

That, my friends, is a picture of 104 scarves!

Back in January, I was contacted by a woman who has talked to me at several Art Fairs here in Redlands. She is on a planning committee of a local golf association – they are planning a large golf tournament that ends with a lunch at the country club. Each participant (there will be 12 tables of eight) receives a thank you/participation gift that is waiting for them on the tables.

I’ve been dyeing these scarves as I prepped for Spring shows, and she’ll be by tomorrow to pick them up. The tournament was so popular they had to add another table, so I ended up making 13 of each of the 8 color palettes. I also dyed some silk ribbon with the scarves; they will use this to tye each scarf into a pretty bundle, so the table will look nice and festive!

I’m VERY happy to be able to cross these off my list!

4 Responses

  1. Hi. I found you through a cps email on the 101 patchworks book. Your color makes me smile and I think your booth at the crafts festival would have kept me there ALL day. As a collage person and crafty generalist, your skill at sewing amazing happy pieces makes me jealous….we always love what we can’t do too well. xox Corrine