Introducing New Hand-dyed Scarf Palette: Moonlit Moth

I got a request for a black – grey- lavender scarf last Friday. I surprised myself at how much I love this pallette.
I name my color palettes so that when I go to mix the same colors again I can refer to something memorable. What stated as a practicality when I first started dyeing has become part of the fun of  dyeing…sometimes I have a set of colors and I mull over what they suggest to me. Other times a name comes to me and I’ve got to make a scarf that matches it. While rinsing this scarf out, this name came to me so easily:

This is not the first time a commission has become an incredible inspiration to me, and I hope it won’t be the last…I LOVE this “Moonlit Moth”!

8 Responses

  1. You always seem to just nail the perfect name. Commissions and custom requests usually have a great result for me too. Let’s keep them coming!