Wondrously Organized Storage in my Garage!

It should not be a surprise, but as my business grows, my storage shrinks! I’ve done a series of de-cluttering and clearing out of unneeded supplies, and through the years I’ve narrowed in on how I like to work in my studio, storing items and supplies most often needed in the easy to reach places, and placing less needed items in less convenient places. Well, some of that less convenient storage is spread throughout the house and into the garage! Hubby decided to get the garage under control so he could perhaps use it for his hobbies once in awhile, and we had a garage sale a couple of weeks ago to get that process started.

Well, phase 2 happened this weekend. This particular project was brought about because one too many times I’ve gone into the closet in my laundry room that holds all my PFD fabric, blanks AND all my shipping supplies and almost lost my mind because everything was jammed in there! I’m sorry I have no before picture, but just imagine a jumbled mess! Anyway, we bought a couple of cheap melamine storage cabinets from Home Depot and put them in the garage so that we could combine all the less frequently used but still necessary for the business items in one place. So now the closet in my laundry is devoted to undyed fabric and blanks:

And when you open the door from the laundry room to the garage, this is what you see! (cue choirs of angels singing!)

The refrigerator that holds my dyestock, my beloved diet coke, and then 2 cabinets with all sorts of storage!

Behind door #1:

And behind door #2:

I love that I can get free shipping supplies from the USPS for use with Priority Mail shipping, but everything comes in bundles of 10 or 25, so it’s been a pain to store! Now, with one shelf devoted to shipping, everything I need is in one place (except for shopping bags of peanuts that are hung from nails in the rafters).

Here’s a peek from the other direction, showing all my stretcher bars on a shelf above the cupboards (an example of how buying in bulk saves soooo much money, but emphasizes the problem of then having to find a place to store stuff!)

Would you think me strange if you knew how many times I’ve gone to gaze at this magnificence? All this stuff, that I occasionally need, out of my way, but easy to get to and find when I need it!!

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  1. I absolutely would not think it strange Candy, I love good organization and would have to spend a lot of time out there gloating, lol! Good for you!