Outfits for a Wee Baby and Her Big Sister

Good friends of ours had a baby just under a week ago and named her Teagan! Teagan has a big sister named Maren who LOVES pink and (her Mom) green. (look, here she is with a cute little pink print I won and gave to her). So I had to make some big sis, little sis outfits:
I delivered them on Saturday. Maren loved them. Teagan…well she was too busy sleeping, eating and pooping to really express much of an opinion, but hey, she was only 5 days old!

Her Mom loved the outfits, which is great, cause she’s the one who will get the biggest kick out of dressing the gals in matching outfits! 🙂

Of course, I was happy to make these, but a part of me feels sad/guilty. Back when Maren was being grown, we threw a shower for her and I made a quilt:

There’s no way I had time to do that for Teagan. As a matter of fact, there’s another Teigan (spelled differently), my nieces baby (hubby’s sister is way older than him) who will be 2 in July and I haven’t sent a quilt for her either. Sigh…the list of baby quilts I have NOT made is probably just as long as the list of baby quilts that I HAVE made! I shall concentrate on NOT feeling guilty, but feeling happy that I could make something that says “Welcome to the World” with my own hands!

6 Responses

  1. Those matching outfits are DARLING! And don’t you dare feel guilty about not making a quilt for baby Teagan – not after you hand-dyed that wardrobe. That’s a fantastic gift. I bet that older sister Maren was thrilled with them too.