Dyeapalooza Day 4

Jeesh – it’s Sunday night, and I can’t even remember what I did on Saturday – what is up with that? I think I’ve been a bit busy…

Anyway, Sunday morning I managed to get 41 more scarves dyeing. I’ll wash these out and iron them off and on through the week, and that will keep me on track to have my scarves up to full stock in time for the big spring time shows!

2 Responses

  1. these are absolutely gorgeous! just wondering, do you ever dye scarves with solid colors? your hues are so bold and striking that i think a row of single color scarves would look absolutely phenomenal!

    1. Aimee! Way back when I started dyeing scarves, I did some “tonal” ones, combining 2-3 tints, shades or tones of a particular color. They didn’t go over nearly as well as the multicolor ones, so I never did any more. Part of me thinks I should try again…the other part of me shivers with dread, the thought of adding a whole ‘nother “line” to my ever expanding scarf selection!

      I am going to let this idea simmer in my brain for a week, month, year…lol!