Meetup | Mid-March Goals Checkup

Checking in on March.

I’m making headway on my goals, even though I didn’t get as much made during spring break as I wanted to.




March Goals

New Site Design for Angie! So close! 2/14/11 99%
Taxes 2/28/11 100%
Messenger Pattern 2/28/11 80%
DYE SCARVES! 3/7/11 50%
Going Green Totes for Spring Shows 3/7/11 75%
Entry for MMM show BAILED! 3/5/11 0%
Botanical sketch pillows 3/31/11 0%
Laptop messenger for Mary 3/31/11 0%
Laptop messenger for Miss Elyse 3/31/11 0%

I got a couple of things back from Quilting Arts – they’re going to be in a new magazine called “101 Patchwork Projects”. I can’t wait to see how they look in print!

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