An Awesome Trade

One of the shows I do every spring is “Art in the Park”. 3 years ago, an artist who works a lot in oil pastels named Patricia Rose Ford had a booth across and down the path a bit from me. She usually tries to paint something as the day goes by. It turns out that  this particular show, she was painting my booth, those on either side of mine, as well as ME! Thank goodness I didn’t realize that until she’d already painted me, or I would have been so self conscious! Anyway, I really like the piece, and I would have loved to have bought it from her, but her prices are a bit above my budget.

Last fall, she and I had booths across each other at another big local show, Art for Heaven’s Sake. We had some time to talk throughout the weekend (I wrote about how great it felt to feel part of this groups of artists here) and at some point she said something about getting one of my messenger bags, and I mentioned I’d love to trade a bag for that painting she’d done! Well, fast forward to this week, she’s going on a cruise soon, and she emailed and asked was I still interested in trading? Was I? Um…..YES! 🙂

How fun is this? I LOVE IT!

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