February Goals Check-in

Holy Guacomole – I’m halfway through the month, and such a short month too!

I did a lot of web design work this week, and Mary, the empress of CSS, did a whole heckuva lot more…leading to the soft launch of Angie Allen’s new blog yesterday! It’s looking fabulous, there’s more work to do, but we’ve got a lot in place, the RSS works, all is good!

I could get a bit sentimental and reflect on the fact that Angie and I met through this very goal meetup – which led to us meeting in person last summer. She’s an incredible photographer, and she took some amazing photos of my scarves in action that I love love LOVE!

I’ve got to keep my eyes on what I’ve got on my plate. I’ve got a bunch of Spring shows, and I’ve got to prepare for the Create Retreat as well (I’ll be providing hand dyed fabric for my students).

February Goals

QA In Stitches Article 2/4/11 100%
Laptop messenger for Nichole 2/15/11 100%
Lunch bags for Mary 2/10/11 100%
New Site Design for Angie! 2/14/11 75%
Taxes 2/28/11 99%
Messenger Pattern 2/28/11 80%
QA Gifts Submissions 3/1/11 0%
DYE SCARVES! 3/7/11 0%
Going Green Totes for Spring Shows 3/7/11 0%
Entry for MMM show 3/5/11 0%
Laptop messenger for Mary 2/28/11 0%
Laptop messenger for Miss Elyse 2/28/11 0%

I did get our taxes complete – just waiting for hubby to take a look, and then we’re e-filing them – waHOO! I’m not gonna panic about that QA Gifts submission, no I’m not! And YIKES! I’ve gotta get some new art made for the RAA Multi Media Mini show! I’ve had an idea in my head for this show since…NOVEMBER! Luckily, Spring break is that first week of March, so I can knock a bunch of stuff out then.

And THIS is why I love these posts! I had it in my head that QA Gifts submissions and the MMM show were due about the same time. If I hadn’t written this post up, I may have screwed one of them up!

Click here to find out more about the meetup! Come join us if you like!

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  1. Angie’s site looks great 🙂 and congrats on the rest that you have gotten done so far. I should probably do a check in post as well since I seem to be getting off track this week. 🙂