A New Idea for a Quilted Pillow

One of my motifs I love to return to again and again is my botanical sketching. I’ve been wanting and wanting to make a larger pieced quilt of these, as well as pillows. I had some time yesterday and just DID it!I can just see a whole series of them, lined up along a shelf in my booth, or tossed on a couch! When hubby built me this shelving unit:

I had visions of a row of these pillows across the bottom. It never came to be, and I had a place for some pretty dyed velvet pillows instead! But some Spring show season, I have high hopes Β for that bottom shelf! πŸ™‚

17 Responses

    1. I love this pillow – it makes me happy just to look at it and I think I am in need of some new ones on my sofa! You have inspired me!