What a Relief!

Well, last night a bunch of friends came over and helped me watch my Quilting Arts TV appearances! Guess what? I don’t have 2 heads! PHEW! I didn’t talk too much over Pokey, and don’t think I talked too fast. I haven’t lived in New England 28 years, and I can still hear the Boston in my accent. I make lots of faces where I widen my eyes. I of course had no idea that I do this…but my friends and husband assure me that I sound and act exactly like that! 🙂

I had a guest post over at Scoutie Girl on Friday, where I talk about my pathway to this moment. If you’re interested, please click on over!

8 Responses

  1. Ha! I knew it would all work out, can’t wait to see your segments, I am convinced you were totally charming! My husband insisted I watch my TV appearance (the same evening as the day it aired live) to rid me of any worries or doubts. I had no idea what it would look like and I watched from the kitchen, peering around the corner at the TV, LOL! Congratulations and wishes for many more fun quilting show/print experiences!

  2. Yes, watching yourself on video is nerve wracking. (When I was a lawyer, I used to hate hearing myself talking back on the dictaphone too.)

    It’s funny how we are not conscious of our own mannerisms.

  3. Cute bag, Candy! Glad to know you don’t have two heads, lol. It’s HARD to watch yourself on video – I’m sure you did great!