Best Laid Plans

So, my featured artist show at the RAA is scheduled to go up this weekend, and the hubby and I have been planning for all sorts of ways to display my mod house ornaments, but i got a call the Wednesday before Thanksgiving from the featured artists coordinator – the person before me was unable to hang her show – would I go in early? !

So after picking up hubby from the airport, I grabbed what I could and my good friend Liz and we got the corner put together. And then I sold 2 small art quilts on Friday and another on Saturday morning. I spent Friday and Saturday making a new set of “Branch and Bird” 8 x 10’s, frantically took some pictures (which did NOT come out well at all, but at least it’s something…the 3 I did sell I have no photos at ALL to show you!).

It’s funny how quickly some things can come together when they have to! We’ll re-do the corner this weekend…I’ve got some fun new things to get done for it, and I want to edit that big back wall – the spacing is too tight…but, you know, I don’t think it looks half bad!

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