I have 10 million reasons to be thankful. It doesn’t take a holiday to make me think about them, and I certainly hope I do a decent job of conveying my thankfulness to people. As I come down the home stretch to December and all its craziness, I’m happy to share a couple more exciting tidbits on the Candied Fabrics front!

My little Branch and Bird article came out in International Quilt Fest: Quilt Scene 2010 about a month ago…I’ve had my copy for like 3 weeks now and haven’t blogged about it yet – how can that be? I love the way the photographer put a string of them between 2 trees! I get an extra thrill when I see my little gold bird pop up in Quilting Arts newsletters, etc…

And speaking of a thrill – take a look at the cover of the DVD of Quilting Arts TV, which is already available for pre-order! Rest assured, when I know what episodes I’m in and when they’re scheduled for airing on PBS, I’ll let you know!

Why yes, I do spy my mod houses! They’re cover girls/guys! (Why yes, I did let out a big “WOOT!” when I saw this!)

I also got a nice little email on Friday that my 2 projects to a new magazine project from Quilting Arts called “101 Patchwork Projects” were accepted! subscribe to my newsletterWooHoo something else to do in early December! 😉

I’m hoping to get a newsletter out this week (I try to do this once/month) and there’s gonna be a little thank you tidbit in it, so if you haven’t yet signed up, today may be the day!

As always, thank YOU for dropping by and reading my blog…the positive support I get from it fuels lots of what I do!

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  1. Congrats on the article and being on the cover of the DVD! How wonderful! I just wanted to let you know that your inspiration of breaking down the doors has turned into me finally hanging my art quilts at the neighborhood library. I posted a few pictures today, but I have 5 small pieces I still need to hang. It was interesting to see the pieces hung as a group. Thank you for your kick in the pants!