Next Show Up: Red Dirt

Well, I got 5 convertible clutches done last night (excuse the less than stellar photos, better to have some photos than none at all – yikes I probably jinxed myself and now none of these will sell):

After teaching today I’ve got a bunch of scarves to iron, some tags to make, perhaps I’ll even finish those wallets I started Wednesday. Tomorrow is Red Dirt, I can’t wait to see my new shelf in action!

8 Responses

  1. I LOVE the green and gray one! Thank you for confirming my thought to paint my walls gray to go with my green bedding and stuff! 🙂 Good luck this weekend! (not that you really ever need it!)

  2. I just finished laying out the Sunday Nov. 7 edition of the Redlands Daily Facts and a photo straight on of your booth is hogging up the front page! 😛 Congrats. 😉