One Moment: My Hubby is Awesome!

My hubby built me a custom display for my booth last month, and it works great. But of course, I wanted one…more…thing. Some shelves, to replace the table I use to hold journals; if I had more than one level, I could set out some pillows on the lower ones and put some of my houses on the upper ones. Anyway, even though he’s got tons of stuff to do, he built this last Sunday, and has spent a few evenings in the garage sanding and finishing it – when he’s not at an orchestra rehearsal!

I can’t wait to see how it works! So my moment: I’m a very lucky gal, to have this man who sands in bare feet in the garage, after a long day of work, so his wife can have a shelf in her booth this weekend!

Me? I’ve been busy working on a set of clutches and wallets – here’s hoping they’re done in time!

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7 Responses

  1. This is awesome. Aren’t good hubbies the BEST! Just last night, Josh (my husband) was asking me what he needs to do to get my booth ready for an upcoming 3 day holiday show I’m doing. It’s inside and the the dimensions are strange so we’re going to have to go high instead of wide. Anyway, good husbands are the best –essential in our line of work. I don’t’ have time to learn to use power-tools, on top of my mother responsibilities and all the sewing I need to do 😉

    Have a good weekend.