A Crafty Holiday: Blog Hop for Handmade Gifts

Angela Flicker from The Artists’ House organized a special Crafty Holiday blog hop.  This hop is designed to promote buying handmade over the holidays.  November 1 – December 16, you can find wonderful gift suggestions on the participating blogs. Yesterday, Linda from a la Mode Stuff listed all sorts of deelicious items that would make wonderful gifts for folks on her list (including herself!) and now it’s my turn!

Angela also asked us to talk about why we want to buy handmade, so I thought I’d share some thoughts along that line.

Why do we give people presents anyway? There are lots of reasons, but I think the most important one for me is to show them that I care about them. In my mind, caring is more about actions and less about the thing itself. Something that is handmade was made by a single person, with an intention behind those hands to make something beautiful/useful for another person. It shouldn’t surprise you that in the past I have made lots of gifts, and I’ll probably make some this year as well. But as my little business continues to grow, I’ve got to spend more time making things that other people are going to give as gifts, so I’l be buying more. And as much as possible, I’m going to buy handmade: it shows that I took the time to look for something special, and unique, and made with the intention of it being enjoyed by someone else! And so, here’s what I’ve been thinking about:

Paper Goods:

  1. Skinny LaMinx’s lovely laser cut gift tags – I usually don’t spend too much time on gift wrapping – probably because it usually happens very late at night – but when Heather Moore tweeted about these tags the other day, I have a new resolution to have awesome wrapping – how hard could it be with beautiful tags like this?
  2. Corrabelle’s Hand Carved personalized bookplate – It’s going to be hard to buy handmade for my two sons, Liam wants a jazz trombone and Logan is all lego all the time. But both my boys LOVE to read, how awesome would it be for them to have a personalized bookplate?
  3. River Dog Print’s Canning Labels – I usually make some hand baked or canned goodies for friends at work – Cyn’s labels are gonna take them up a notch!
  4. Jumping Jack Designs Holiday Photo Cards – I love the beautiful simplicity of Angie’s cards. It does require that I actually get pictures taken and addresses assembled, but I’m gonna give it a try!
  5. Stephanie Levy’s Calendar – it’s a work of art, that also artfully lays the whole year out in once glance – perfect for long term planning as well as a beautiful spot of color for the wall.
  6. I know that Jan of Daisy Janie is planning another calendar like her 2010 version – this one I’ll use to jot down all our everyday craziness.

Fabric Items

  1. Lesley from Smidgebox Design makes incredible fabric bins that warm the cockles of my organizing heart. I know many many people who would love one…or two…or…
  2. Rosie’s Whimsy schoolhouse tunic – I love this color, and I think I’ll actually look good in this (Santa hint #1)
  3. Toy Robot’s lego tee shirt is just the thing for my lego loving Logan.
  4. I bought a collar for my Sheltie Stirling last year from Sam of Sew Fetching. I love it, and a year later it’s still going strong…but I think that Stirling NEEDS this puppermint stripe one, don’t you?


  1. This abstract art necklace is a small piece from Martha Marshall’s Color Poetry shop.
  2. Tasha McKelvey’s delicate ginko earrings are just lovely.
  3. I love everything in Lulubug’s shop – but look at these cool cufflinks – they say “I Love You” in binary code – as hubby wears tuxedos a lot (when he plays trombone with the symphony etc…) he actually needs cufflinks. I do believe I’ve found something handmade for the hubby!
  4. Houses – how I adore the house shape. This house necklace from J Davis Studio? Fantastic!

OK, so those are a few handmade items that I’d love to be giving (or RECEIVING!) I hope you enjoyed my little take on Angela’s “Crafty Holiday”! And tomorrow, stop by Follow my Muse and see what Molly has on HER crafty Holiday list!

17 Responses

  1. Great post Candy! I love the dog collar, and the calendars, oh, and the fabric bins.

    Thank you for sharing these beautiful items with us, and for telling us why you buy handmade. Yes, unique, and made with intention, I couldn’t have said it better myself.

  2. Awesome collection. Stephanie Levy is one of my favorites and that house necklace is SO super sweet. I really enjoyed seeng some new things:)

  3. Great selection, Candy! I love them all. I’m adding the fabric bins to my must give list. Thanks for including my photo card! What a great treat to wake up to.

  4. what a fun collection, candy! those little birdie tags are calling my name 🙂 i also love the abstract art necklace. so many new finds here to add to my list, as well as many old faves.
    {and a huge thank you for including my fabric bins! what a nice treat}

  5. I can honestly say I love all of your selections, Candy! I own two of Lesley’s fabric buckets from her peek a boo naturals collection from her Etsy shop, Smidgebox. They would make awesome gifts for anyone who wants style with their organization.

    And thanks for including my Canning Tags!

  6. Thanks for sharing these. I love the fabric bins (apparently sold out on Etsy, but my search led me to lots of beautiful choices) and the bookplates are wonderful.