Show Report: Red Dirt 2010

I had a great day at Red Dirt! I was busy enough that I didn’t take as many pix as I thought I did, I got enough to show how awesome the new shelving hubby built me worked! This show takes place in a small, mostly concrete park in downtown Redlands. Right in the center is a raised dais, for bands and speakers and…Candied Fabrics! We had a couple of scary moments when we thought the tent wouldn’t go all the way up, but it worked out just fine!

I wish I’d had more time to take pix of my neighbors, but it didn’t happen! Here’s a couple:

My booth fixtures totally rock – hubby really out-did himself, the shelves just complete the booth! Pix of them empty are here for the 2 walls, and here for the shelf.

My sales were very good! A lot of my fellow artists were grousing a bit about slow sales. I did have a couple of larger sales to people who had been by my booth several times at previous shows. You know, this has been my experience for awhile now, often times people need to see you and your work more than once before they’re ready to buy!

I’ve got another show this coming Sunday, which means I’ve got my work cut out for me this week!

4 Responses

  1. your booth is delightful with all your luscious color! the fixtures by the hubster look fantastic. i agree people do need to see you a few times to make a purchase, especially ones that are a higher price point. way to go candy!

  2. Candy
    you had a great location. your work is wonderful and your stlye your own. grousing is not an acceptable attitude at a show.might as well smoke a cigar standing in the middle of a booth .your art,booth,and display all shine. your hubby did a great job.