And just like that (snaps fingers) I’m back in the saddle! I’m midway through the 2nd week of school, the beginning of the year broohaha has died down, and it’s time to look at the calendar! YIKES! 4 weekends of making time and then the biggest show of the year!

These past two weeks I’ve continued to work on computer related stuff: designing the postcard for Artist for a Cause, tweaking and tweaking my site, a bunch of guest blog posts (fingers crossed the one I sent off yesterday meets muster…), the monthly RAA newsletter and website update,  all these things I’m doing will hopefully make my business more successful in the long term (to a greater or lesser degree), but in the short term, it’s the shows where I make most of my money… and it’s where I must now focus!

September Goals – looking forward to Fall shows

Dye scarves for fall shows 9/30/10 50%
Dye New palettes for Mod Houses 9/30/10 25%
Make lots of Mod Houses! 9/30/10 0%
10 Wrap Skirts 9/30/10 0%
24 Going Greeen Totes 9/30/10 0%
6 new Going Green Journals 9/30/10 0%
Turn Stepouts into bags! 9/30/10 0%
Re-tool Candied 9/30/10 95%
Messenger Bag Pattern 9/30/10 75%
4-5 Simply Beautiful Totes 10/15/10 0%
Lesley Website 9/30/10 95%
Bizzi Lizzi Website 9/30/10 50%
Sacred Laughter Website 9/15/10 100%

I DID get some dyeing done last weekend, and I snapped a few pix of the capes, because I don’t have good pix of most of them.

Oh, and don’t forget to enter the giveaway, you’ve got until Sunday night!

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