Tutorial | Where to start with sewing machine presser feet

My latest “Ask Candy” post is up over at Alamode Stuff – it’s about how to get started with differnt presser feet on your sewing machine. I love this series…’cause folks ask me about all sorts of things that I know, and never thought anyone would be interested in. OR, it’s something I don’t know, but have a lot of fun learning about. So, please, if you’ve got a question, ask away!

If you need advice on blogging, however, I’ll send you straight to the master – Scoutie Girl Tara Gentile. She’s pre-launching her 2nd e-book on blogging called “52 MORE Weeks of Blogging Your Passion“. I’ve had a preview of the 1st 3 chapters and WOW! I didn’t think she could come up with any more advice on how to blog effectively, but she did! I’ve been a wee bit busy these past…(fill in the blank months), and sometimes I just can’t think up what to write about. Her original e-book “52 Weeks to Blogging Your Passion” has helped me out of a bind many a time, and I’ve been able to pretty much blog every weekday this year! (If you had told me that I’d write that many posts 2 years ago I would be rolling on the floor laughing)

During her pre-launch, she’s offering a hefty percentage off the price, and she’s got all sorts of extra goodies too (workbooks, a webinar, a special deal on her 1-on-1 brainstorming session). So if you’re looking to jumpstart blogging your passion,  please go avail yourself of some of Tara’s awesome advice! Am I an affiliate of hers? You betcha! I would NOT have my blog that I truly enjoy without her! I also wouldn’t have my little web design business either! Tara has inspired me to reach out in ways I never would have thought possible!

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  1. I just started reading Tara’s blog regularly and love it! Someday I’ll jump in both feet and attack her 52 blogging ideas. I think she is offering a fantastic service to us indies!