My Mod Houses Article is Published – Celebratory Giveaway!

Hello! I hope you had a grand weekend! I’ve been a busy beaver here online and added all sorts of new stuff to my site, most of all I finally had a huge (for me) shop update!

Also, late last week I got a few copies of Quilting Arts Gifts 2010 from the awesome folks at Quilting Arts, so I’d like to share one with one of my awesome blog readers! Look at that picture with the fake snow…how cute is that?? Love it!

But wait…there’s more! Although I don’t intend to offer lots of hand dyed fabric for sale (that’s a full time gig all on it’s own) I would like to start selling fabric to go along with a particular pattern. So, I’ll also throw in a set of 6 fat quarters (18″ x 22″) of hand dyed fabric in one of the 2 color palettes I’ve put together to make these houses. I’m in the midst of making a much more detailed pattern, as well as more palettes for these houses – you’ll be the first to know when they’re done!

The Prize

How to Enter:

  1. Go check out my shop, and come back in tell me in the comments what you’d most like to receive for Christmas from there!
  2. Be my friend! I already know you are…but I added the Google Friend Widget to my sidebar (scroll down a bit – there it is under “Incredible Online Folk”). I’ll feel like that girl I was at the 8th grade dance if nobody clicks it…so I thought I’d give you some extra incentive!

How long do you have?

The gig is up Sunday, Sept. 19 at midnight Pacific time! But why wait…enter now!

OK, now I’ve really gotta get going on stuff! On twitter this morning, Tasha McKelvey is starting a club: “The-I’m-freaking-out-because-I-have-so-much-to-do-to-get-ready-for-a-bunch-of-craft-shows Club”. I joined that. And then Jan (from Daisy Janie) just tweeted: “everything always takes longer than I think it will”. I of course want to start a club for that – and Artsyville Aimee is a charter member with me!

39 Responses

  1. I joined! Fun! I want it all (what’s in your shop and in life in general) but if I have to narrow it down to one thing, it’s mod house ornaments and world peace (the latter is from life in general – didn’t see it listed in your shop). Will you be offering them in your shop?? I love them, want them, need them.

  2. Your shop is gorgeous, and you have so nice photos that everything on them looks like yummy, yummy, yummy.
    If someday my shop will look like this, it will be fabulous, because your shop is just that, fabulous shop.

  3. Burnt Fire or Lunar Eclipse from the Winter Scarves collection are seriously tempting me for Christmas gift status!!

    I joined your friends list and am happy to do so! I have you permanently on my Mac top sites but now you know it!

  4. Since we know each other already through the net I might as well call you a friend. Your shop is really beautiful, you are one talented and very busy lady. You know I love your hand dyed fabrick so some scraps to make my own christmasornament would be my little heaven.

  5. Thanks so much for your generosity in offering to share one of the magazines! What I’d really like for Christmas is one of your amazing messenger bags, but right now from your shop I’d choose a scarf in the Ocean Surf palette.

  6. So glad you got the google widget, it’s so much easier to follow along! Of course, I’ve been following you anyway, but now it’s public, *G*. Your Ocean Surf scarf is still my favorite thing EVER in your shop!

  7. From your shop I would want a scarf for Christmas in burnt fire or ocean surf. For everyday, I like all the handdyed fabrics.

  8. Hi Candy,

    It was a hard decision but I’d go with the messenger bag. Of course anything in your store would be just wonderful. Love your colors and creativity.


  9. oh, candy. congrats on your article, it looks wonderful!! also, i need to be part of BOTH those clubs you mentioned down below. i have two huge craft fairs end november, and way less sewing time than i’m used to having! that, paired with everything taking longer than i think, means i’m in big trouble!!
    i am loving all the mod houses, but i especially love the navy incredibles. also, i love the charmeuse scarf in black orchid — so pretty!

  10. I love the little houses. Since we’re making liberated house quilt blocks for the Block Lotto, I had to share your wonderful 3-dimensional houses with everyone over there.

    I have been a subscriber to your blog feed for quite a while and also added myself as a google friend.

  11. I would love the jewel tone fat quarter set along with the pattern to make the houses. I clikcked to be your friend.

  12. I joined as a friend. I love all the bright colours in your shop. If I had to choose one item it would be the house quilt with some of those beautiful fabrics coming a close second.

  13. Well…I want a half-yard pack of each of your sets of hand dyed fabrics, a Mega Messenger Bag and a Grab ‘n Go for Christmas! That’s just a start!

    I joined as a friend, too!

  14. I joined your friends list.

    I already bought the magazine — couldn’t wait to read it. Your article is excellent as are tha accompanying photos.

    The rest of the magazine had some great projects as well. You are in good company.

    Excellent job and congratulations.

  15. Hi Candy
    I would absolutely love
    Home is where the art is -Olive
    I would make it a sacred hiding place for my most special new art supplies, and a favorite focal point of my studio. Just looking at these makes me happy!

    Ive added it to my wish list for Christmas!!

  16. I’m in. I love your work since the first moment I saw it. I would like to receive those amazing art quilts. I love your web page, too. My web page is done but I need some changes. My son and a friend created it but they don’t have enough experience to help with what I would like. I need someone who can help me update my web page, too. Maybe we can work on something!

    Great Giveaway and Congratulations for the magazine article!

    Keep Enjoying the Ride! I have a giveaway right now,,
    your are invited to join! Rules: Read the latest blog post, comment and share!

  17. ohhhhhhh I adore your sweet store!! I love the “for the birds” messenger bag! I also love your art quilts, since that is my passion, too!!! 🙂 you are very inspirational…and CONGRATs on your being published!! yay!!!

  18. Hi…

    Lovely shop. I am profoundly coveting the light blue flap “Bird Houses” Messenger bag. I hope I have been sufficiently nice. Though I am also coveting your fabric. Now that is color.

    Yay you!!!