Amy Lou Who’s Amy Butler Challenge

Amy Lou Who is having an Amy Butler Sew n’ Tell challenge – it looks like lots of fun – with lots of prizes too! Although I no longer work with commercial fabric, I’ve always loved Amy Butler’s use of color.

Random fact: I lived in Newark, OH for 6 years, the town right next to where Amy lives, Granville! Hubby worked at Denison University which is located in Granville, a really nice little sleepy town. I never knew it until I left!

Anyway, It got me thinking about my VERY first commission bag I made in the Summer of 2007 for a woman who also loved Amy Butler fabric!

Have YOU made anything from Amy Butler Fabric Lately? Are you looking for an excuse?

3 Responses

  1. looks awesome! for some reason, while it took me the length to cross the library parking lot yesterday, my mind wandered onto the subject of your messenger bags and i tried to pick apart how much time and how many steps it must take you to design, strategize, plan, and make one. since you are a scientist and think analytically as well as creatively, i bet every single stitch is perfect, too!