More Pix from the Quilting Arts TV studio

I know, I know, you’re probably really sick of hearing me talk about this TV gig…this is the last post, I swear! I’ve gotta start teaching tomorrow (boohoo!) and as I was a bit distracted last week, I’ve had lots of last minute prep to do for classes. Back when I expressed my nervousness about being on camera, you all were so supportive – really, I could just feel braveness oozing from my computer!! One of the comments came from Kathy of Pink Chalk Studio who taped her own episode of QATV last year. She told me to get someone to take pix of me on the monitor in the green room…and I forgot to do it. 🙁 I was so sad! But wait, the awesome Victoria from The Silly BooDilly DID take some and sent them to me this weekend! Yay Victoria! (Oh, and there’s one more picture of us clowning around in the green room – cause it was so fun!)

When Logan say the picture of me with eye makeup on – he FREAKED! Dear women who fall in love with my son in the future – I sure do hope you don’t wear makeup! He may be really weirded out by it! (Oh, and he’ll probably expect you to re-decorate all the time…and he’ll probably do a lot of cooking…you’re welcome!)

5 Responses

  1. Yay Victoria – now see hon, you look just beautiful, and not nervous at all! Too funny about the eye make-up, lol, I think I stopped wearing it when I had my boys so they’ve never seen me with it either. I should put some on just to see what they say. With my luck they’d tell me I look better and to pile it on.

  2. Candy, I was so happy to have a chance to meet you and to be able to help with picture taking. Never doubt for one minute that you are beautiful… you radiate joy, happiness and enthusiasm, all major qualities of love… and what is more beautiful then that?