Custom Messenger Sized for a Flute

This is officially the biggest bag I’ve ever made! An old friend of mine wanted me to make a bag for her daughter Allison to carry her flute in. Flutes cases are 17″ long, so I super sized a mega messenger so the flute would fit. I also customized the inside of the bag with a place for music, so that it doesn’t slide down to the bottom of the bag and get all scrunched! Allison loves lots of colors, and also my spiral flowers, so voila:

I’m so stoked about how well the flute fits inside: here’s a closer look at the inside of the bag – see how perfectly the flute fits in there? (That’s my flute – did you know I have a B Mus in Flute Performance from Oberlin Conservatory? No? Well, that’s a story for another day…)

Now – to find a box big enough to ship it in! I sure hope she likes it!

5 Responses

  1. Oh my!!! It’s gorgeous! My four year old was sitting with me when I opened this post. Immediately she said, “WOW, who made that?!” Her great taste is genetic 😉