One Moment: Vacation is Coming!

As I’ve been working this week, on custom bag 1, custom bag 2 and one more that’s 75% done, I’ve noticed that I’m easily distracted. I admitted that it was possible that even I needed our upcoming vacation. I’d purchased a bunch of clothing blanks months ago in hopes of prettifying my wardrobe, and I spent some time this week dyeing.

Most of the dyeing I do begins with planning and calculating how I’m gonna mix up my colors. After years of experience I know that, for me, winging it with the dyes usually doesn’t create something that has that zing I get when I look at the it. The colors I love are complex – meaning (for me) they are mixtures of 3 primary, single color dyes. What you see in the dye you mix is NOT what you get when you wash our the fabric, thus a plan is needed. But when I’m dyeing for myself, I can take some risks and change my plan on the fly (usually because I don’t have quite enough of one of my dyes mixed up and I don’t want to mix up more…) So I’ve come up with a couple of new color combos because of it and I’m really happy about it!

This teal, turquoise and gold one is a winner! WOOT! (I’ve got another new color combo that’s a present for someone, pix later…)

As I was photographing these out in my backyard yesterday morning I got excited to wear them, and I realized that this tremendously eventful school year had come to a close, we’ve come through it intact, and that we’re about to start a fantastic vacation: this is my moment this week!
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6 Responses

  1. love the turquoise/teal/gold combo! are you able to slip away in a dream world when you do the dyeing, just letting your mind drift freely or is it a really focused process where you have to stay on top of the color diffusion to make sure it all gets in the right spot? just curious…

  2. How great to create your own clothes, just how you want them (with a few happy surprises!) Enjoy your vacation, Candy! You deserve a great one.

  3. Turquoise is my absolute favorite colour, no discussion needed on what makes my hearts sings.

    Have a fantastic weekend and the holiday of your dreams.

  4. I love the turquoise, yellow and gold. All your colors are wonderful and vibrant.

    Congrats on an eventful school year. Hope you will enjoy your summer. BTW, have pool…will visit. ; )

  5. Wow, love the dress Candy. I’m always amazed at how you can see the dying fabric in the finish. Way to go!

  6. Awesome colors, awesome clothing – wear it with pride, girl! Looks like your new Droid will help us tag along with you on vacation, yippee!