The post in which I admit I may need a vacation

I started this month we some awesome energy, but if you read between the lines in this post I’ve had a real hard time staying focussed whilst making. There’s so much I want to do, yet I flit from one thing to another, not being able to stay with one task for very long.  Of course, some of this is because I’ve got 2 boys out on summer vacation and a husband who’s been running a very intense low brass seminar, so there’s been lots of food delivery, concert going, picking up people at the airport for me (note: no actual cooking!) to help me stay distracted. But perhaps I may need a few days of downtime, I really haven’t had that since last summer’s Yellowstone trip. Any old who, I’ve not done too badly on my goals:

June Goals Mid Month Check-in
RAA Newsletter 6/9/10 100%
Flute Messenger Bag for Allison 6/9/10 100%
Anita’s Vacation Messenger 6/17/10 100%
Buy DROID! 6/20/10 100%
Get emails etc… synced with DROID! 6/20/10 YIKES!
Computer Bag for Angie 6/20/10 5%
Notetaker for Christeen 6/20/10 0%
Messenger Bag Pattern 6/30/10 0%
Artists for a Cause Website 6/10/10 100%
Bizzi Lizzi Website 6/20/10 0%
Lesley Website 6/20/10 0%
RAA Website 7/31/10 0%

Here’s some fun pix of Anita coming by to pick up her messenger yesterday – she loved it! This is why I love making these bags…people who want them (and especially people who commission them) REALLY love them (if they didn’t I would cry).

So I’ve got a few more days of making…let’s hope I get lots more accomplished!

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