A Thread Confession

thread, bobbinWell, I jinxed myself, but in a good way. Yesterday I said I wasn’t going to be able to finish making the 22 journals I was in the process of making in time for the show I’m doing tomorrow, so I was going to cut myself some slack. But that may just have changed – all because of a huge issue I’m going to confess to: I HATE changing thread in my sewing machine, especially when it involves changing the bobbin too! And so, because of this, I may end up finishing half of the journals I’m making in time for tomorrow. Because I’m working in 2 different palettes, I use a slightly different thread for top-stitching all the parts, and I decided to just make one color palette at a time to save me changing thread like…6 extra times.

Although in this case it’s good, because having half of the journals done is better than none – but how bizarre is this? It seriously can’t take me more than 30 seconds to switch it out, a minute if I have to wind a new bobbin. Am I the only person with this bizarre hatred for changing thread? Or do you do it too?

I’m headed back to the sweatshop to see if I can get these done in time for all these shows I’ve gotta do…have a great weekend all!

4 Responses

  1. You are not alone! I HATE changing thread and bobbins! I’m making some quilts, and, so far, am using the same thread; AND, I pre-loaded FOUR bobbins so I wouldn’t have to keep doing it(making four quilts all together). I have, however, ordered some colorful thread from Joanns today. I really have a hard time making decisions, so it was brutal. Especially which brand to get. So I got some Gutterman, some Sulky and some Coats……..all cotton. What brand do you prefer?

    And it’s nice to know that I’m not alone in my finickyness (new word?)

    Good luck tomorrow. Wish I was closer so I could stop by and give you moral support!

    xo Linda

  2. Yeah, I do it. I will sometimes look for a bobbin that’s “close enough” if I run out because it’s a pain to wind a new one.

  3. too funny! It’s a pain, but I don’t mind too much – I’ve mostly been piecing lately, and winding 5 bobbins at once. . . not much variety here! Your bobbin case is pretty 🙂

  4. I just told myself this morning, as I planned to do some free motion quilting in numerous colors, that I HAVE to go with it and just accept the changing threads! I tried to convince myself a variegated thread could do it all but that was only because I hate changing threads. You are not alone. Have a great show!