Mid-April Goals Meetup

Well, when you post your goals on the 4th, the mid-month check in comes even sooner!

April Goals
Branch & Bird Article
4/23/10 100%
RAA Newsletter 4/12/10 75%
My Spring newsletter 4/12/10 100%
Little Wallets for Spring Shows 4/17/10 0%
Going Green Journals 4/17/10 55%
Pocketin Boards! 4/24/10 0%
Mod House Ornaments Article due 5/14/10 0%
Flute Messenger Bag for Allison 4/31/10 0%
Dye Scarves for Spring Shows 4/31/10 25%
Little Wallet Tutorial (at least take the pix!) 4/31/10 0%

For me, the most important thing to get done was the Branch & Bird article – I sent it out yesterday – WooHoo! I even sent it way before the deadline! Tara’s Kick the Damn Door post really helped me figure out what things were keeping me from making. In this case, it was the RAA newsletter (got the print version off, will do the electronic this weekend) and the magazine article. As one of my long term goals for my artistic career was getting published, I realized that getting that 1st article out the door was what I really wanted/needed to do. The shows that I’m doing THIS weekend are small and unknown…I’ve got enough of my best sellers, the scarves and going green totes to make my space look good. I could stop trying to make all 22 journals all together so I could definitely have at least some for Saturday, but then it’ll be even harder to find the motivation to push on and make the others, so I’ll persevere and keep working on them. If I don’t finish them, well I’m fine with that…because I got that article in (can you tell I’m stoked about that?)

I’m also trying to cut myself a bit of slack in the blogging department – I actually didn’t post on Tuesday – the horror! 😉 I’m also loving the “one moment” meetup alamodestuff Linda has started, it has the double bonus of 1) being an easy post and 2) forcing me to notice things I need to notice. Here’s hoping this becomes a good habit I get into!

We need a picture – how ’bout I have Stirling say hi?

Stirling Silver Blue

The Monthly Goal Meetup happens every month over at Athena Dreams. Come check it out!

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  1. Hello Stirling! You are so pretty!

    Candy, I’m so proud and happy about you being published. And I’m excited to join in on the One Moment Meetup.

    Enjoy yourself at your shows,