Small Shows Report

Well, I’m here to report on the 2 shows I did this weekend. The weather was lovely, setup was easy, I had a decent amount of customers and sales, so all in all, it was a good weekend! I love sharing my experiences here, but it’s also incredibly helpful for me – I can refer back last year’s show, see what worked, what didn’t, etc…

At the Orange Muffin festival they supplied both an EZ-up and a very long table with chairs – this made for an easy setup, which is the only way I’d do such a short show. Luckily I had room outside the tent for my scarf and baby clothes rack:

The fund raiser for Get on the Bus was at the church where Art for Heaven’s Sake is held in the fall, but this was a much smaller deal: 5 artists, 2 hours…they even held the church service outside (for earth day).  A much smaller table, but again, enough room for my racks. The time flew by because a lot of the folks at this church are very familiar with my work as they come to Art for Heaven’s Sake. I’ve read this advice many places, but now I can say that it’s true for me: It takes time for people to become familiar enough with your work to want to purchase it! The greatest part about this: I got to write a nice check to support Get on the Bus, which takes kids to visit their incarcerated Mom/Dad on Mother’s/Father’s day…often times this is the only visit they get during the year!

Both days, my good friend Liz set up right next to me…it’s always nice to have a friend right next to you to people watch!

6 Responses

  1. I agree with Rosie– the bright colors of all your items caught my eye first! All the color really makes your booth look festive and lovely. 🙂

  2. Thanks for that photo of me.. definitely time to think about walking the dog again. It was great to have your company for the 2 shows.

  3. that is great!! so glad to hear you’re gathering a loyal following! by the way what are those little beauties in the last photo? wallets? journals? i am intrigued…