Definition of Success

Hello All! It’s been a llloooonnnnngggg week – I’m still having a hard time keeping up with the day job, the kids, the blogging and the making. I’m way behind (still) in my Google reader. One blog I do get to read right away is Scoutie Girl, and this week she has had a fabulous set of posts on how many different people define success.

I myself have defined success (for me) on my blog before as:

Being able to financially support my artistic endeavors, and to continue to grow as an artist.

but these other folks have got me thinking – they’re creating an expanded view of what success is, and I’ve been really enjoying reading all of their responses!

With the “inclinations” that I set for my myself this year spelled out much more clearly than my inclination of last year, I’m finding myself spending a bit too much time worrying about my blog stats. Reading these broader visions of success have made me realize that I’m obsessing about something in a counter productive way! If I spend too much time blog networking and trying to get noticed, I won’t be doing the things that I like to blog about, and (I assume) what people come to my blog to see! Catch -22!

Anyway, if you have some time, please take a look at all these awesome folks’  definition of success!


5 Responses

  1. I’m Irish – and all my life, success has been defined by how large your wake is, lol. How many people have you touched and made a difference to – that still seems to me the best definition. Stuff will rust and fame is fleeting, but hearts last forever.