Botanical Sketches Commission Quilt Complete!

I’ve been showing you my work on a quilt commissioned by a man for his wife, who works in a windowless office (Her last name is Larsen, and she works in Larsen Hall – crazy coincidence!). The idea and construction craziness is described here, my color choices and design process blogged here, and yesterday I showed you some close ups of the individual quilts! Here is the final result:

“Larsen Window” (20″ x 24″)

To remind you, my original thoughts about this piece broke down into 4 main points:

  • Window = grid
  • Outside -> Flowers -> Botanical Sketches
  • Incorporate “Lillian’s Fabric” (the forest green with the blue veins)
  • Choice, trying out different options – make the sketches moveable

To make these moveable, I fused small bits of fusible veclro to the back of the quilts and the fabric mounted around stretcher bars.

To encourage moving, I made 2 extra (which can be stored on the back with more velcro, or displayed elsewhere).

I finished this on Sunday, and Steve came by Monday to pick it up (which explains the slightly lopsided pix – I didn’t have time to take a close look at the pictures until it was out of my hands). He gave it to Lillian the next day, and heard from him on Wednesday:

Lillian loves it.  Great job! Complete and utter surprise. It is now hanging in our bedroom until she moves into her new office [which is also windowless].  Lillian has already arranged some of the panes to suit.

I am so thankful that this worked so well. I’ve been wanting to figure out another way to display some of these sketches and haven’t had time to focus on it. I’m so grateful that I had triple motivation to make the germ of an idea turn into reality. Thanks Steve & Lillian!

One of my long term goals since the inception of Candied Fabrics 2 and a half years ago has been to have people be so inspired by my work that they ask me to create an art quilt just for them – and I’ve had the honor to complete not 1 but 2 in this month! Here’s hoping this is the start of an awesome trend in this new decade of ours!

And, as always, thanks for dropping by, reading my blather and sending awesome comments my way – they really buoy me up when I get down. It’s great to know I’m connecting with a few souls out there because of the me I pour on cloth and then cut up and rearrange for my visual enjoyment!

12 Responses

  1. Candy, it’s beautiful and the movable panes was a great idea. I just wanted to tell you that I really, so much, appreciate that you are sharing so much of your process… it seems like a lot of the blog world is kind of proprietary and “don’t steal my ideas!” and it’s refreshing to me to see you sharing as much as you are.

    1. Thanks so much Vicki. Some of the artists I admire most have written/spoken about how sharing techniques is just that – sharing techniques. Ultimately the motivation, need, desire for the making have to come from within!

  2. Candy, this is stunning – I LOVE the fact you can re-arrange them, it satisfies the nester in me. This is really beautiful! Your eye for colour is just the best.