Botanical Sketches for Commission Quilt Completed

This week, I’ve been taking you through my process of creating a window of my botanical sketches for a customer whose wife has a windowless office. I explain the idea and construction craziness here, and show you my color choices and design process here. Time for some glamour close ups! These are all 6″ x 8″, I layer my background fabric on top a layer of batting, then a layer of stiff fusible interfacing called Peltex for stiffness. I start with an idea of what flower I want to sketch in my mind, lower my feed dogs and GO! No marking ahead of time. I’ve got a couple of videos of this here, the ones labelled free motion machine sketching.

Here’s an extra Daisy – I actually made this one 1st to practice:

Friday – the big reveal, how I put it all together!

8 Responses

  1. This is going to be wonderful! I can’t imagine working in a room without windows. I am spoiled …. I know alot of people do. You will really brighten her days!

  2. These are absolutely gorgeous! I especially love the ones with leaves in variegated thread! The recipient is very lucky!

  3. Oh and I love your process videos!! It’s so beautiful and effortless for you and your machine is amazing! makes mine look like a toy! I’m not very skilled in free motion quilting so it’s very cool to see how it’s really supposed to be done!

  4. Those are OUTSTANDING! I didn’t comment yesterday because without the stitching, they left me kind of “meh!” But, now, I am so in love with them. Can you send me some of your talent……pretty please??????

    😎 Linda