Construction on the Botanical Quilt Continues

After all the rigmarole I went through to figure out how I was going to attach the smaller botanical quilts to the larger background – the actual art was a breeze 😉 The difference between making several single botanical sketches:


and one group that are meant to be displayed together, is that I wanted to have no repeats, of either sketches or color combinations. I also wanted to have a nice distribution of shapes – not too many vertical long skinnies, for example. So I set myself some rules:

  1. 8 different sketches
  2. 3 squarish shapes, three verticals and 2 horizontals
  3. 8 different colors, one background & one shape/color
  4. No reverse combinations (which I usually love to do). This means if I put gold on the plum background, I can’t put plum on the gold background.

The cool thing about this last rule is that it really got my to play around with color combinations, and I LOVE the forest green against the chartreuse (upper left quilt in the picture below)


Tomorrow, I’ll show the completed individual quilts. Yes, I’m dragging this out all week…cut me some slack, I’ve got a day job! 😉

6 Responses

  1. i know i’ve said this a thousand times but these look so much like yummy little paintings. i just love the clothesline-style arrangement on the wall!