A week of goodness

Trombone-Xmas02Hello my friends! Lots of great things have been happening this week, I wanted to celebrate some of them with you!

Both my sons have had some great success this week!

Liam, my 12 year old trombone playing 7th grader has begun to audition for all sorts of select music groups. The All State and All Southern CA groups (with 7 through 9th graders auditioning) proved to be too tough to get into this year…but he just made 1st chair in our All County Honors Band! We’re excited for him, because he worked really hard! (And has also learned the value of practicing scales each and every day – if you DON’T, you might mess up, and they weigh heavily on your scores!)

For those Mom’s of young kids out there – please know that they grow really fast…don’t blink or you’ll miss it!

Also, I got an email from Logan’s 3rd grade teacher Mrs. Adama earlier this week asking me to drop by the assembly this morning – luckily I could, so I could see him get a student of the month award! Here’s what She had to say about him:

Logan enjoys coming to school. He shares his knowlege with classmates and the teacher. He has mastered 27 math objectives for this trimester, learning the math concepts quickly. He enjoys science and learning in general. He has a positivie attitude toward school and aapproaches his assignments with confidence. Wow, was he excited to make his lofty AR [Accelerated Reader] goal already. Those 36 and 22 point value books reallt helped to meet 130% of his goal this week!


Other awesome things:

  1. My scarf I donated for Craft Hope for Haiti sold within minutes of being listed!
  2. I’ll be sponsoring 3 of my students in the fund raiser next week “700 miles to Haiti”.
  3. Yarn Harlot’s Doctor’s Without Borders fund raising efforts are up to 913,000…that’s over $313,000 since the quake in Haiti…and they’re not done counting!
  4. My commission quilt Larsen Window was completed, and the recipient loved it!

I officially have very little to do OUTSIDE the house this weekend…and I am going to spend LITTLE time in front of the computer and MUCH  MORE with my iron, rotary cutter and sewing machine!


7 Responses

  1. Wow! That IS a fantastic week. Congratulations to both your boys. They must be beaming. Enjoy your successes you deserve every bit of it!

  2. Way to go Liam and Logan! (and mom, of course). I hope you share with them how proud I am of them. They certainly have displayed an eagerness to learn and tenacity in working towards their goals. What wonderful thing did Hubby do this week? In such a family of “over acheivers”, he must have made a contribution to the “greatness” pot! 😎

    Was there much in the way of rain damage in your area? San Diego County had its share, including some deaths.

    xoxo Linda