Crafting a Mission Statement

WooHoo! Although I’m a big fan of getting stuff done and off your plate – I also realize that sometimes things need to be left alone! Case in point – my mission statement! I’ve been working on Blogging my Passion, which involves covering a specific topic each week in your blog, and the very 1st week my goal was to craft a Mission Statement for my blog. It sounded big and scary, and it was blocking me – so I MOVED on! But I didn’t totally abandon my goal of following through with 52 weeks, I just went on to my week 2 assignment – which was to show people the start of a new product. Lo and behold – I had a new product that needed to be made (the commission quilt Still Life of the Party), so blog about it I did!! With that blogging (and the actual art making that went with it) accomplished, I was able to spend a bit of time today and craft my mission statement – not all that hard, really! I put it front & center on my “about” page, but just in case you didn’t feel like clicking, I’ll put it here too:

Although I have many goals in my life, one of my main goals is to continue to grow, develop and evolve as an artist. My mission here at is to record that journey. Specifically, I want to share who & what inspires me to create, show how that inspiration manifests in my art and celebrate the joy that results from creation!

I’ve crossed a few more things of my list for the month, but I’ve got to go back to the day job on Monday! Although I love my artistic endeavors and my idea of a vacation is time in my studio to MAKE, I’ve spent a lot of time this month on the business end of Candied Fabrics and not nearly enough time relaxing or playing. I had a little breakdown yesterday, and a good cry has helped relieve some of that stress, Janet-Backpack-03but I’m not returning to teaching with an invigorated soul.

So this weekend, well what’s left of it, I’m going to devote to making a new bag for ME! (Well, and make the next commission bag on the “Git ‘er Done” board as well…). I really loved the colors on this one, so I’ll probably do something really similar!

Oh, and two awesome ladies are celebrating some huge milestones, they’re having a great giveaway, so go take a look!

10 Responses

  1. Oh! I love your mission statement! I may have to borrow from it just a bit in order to get mine figured out. 🙂 Very well done! If the bag you are making for yourself is anything like the one above then it will certainly be a bright and shining reminder to carry around with you each day at work. Just look at it anytime you need reminding what is truly important in your life. 🙂
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!

  2. Great mission statement! It really is what we all would like to try and accomplish as artists. You stated it succinctly.

  3. Yay! Now didn’t that feel good to get that over with 🙂 I’m sure I’ll be mixing things up as I go along ….. if we don’t tell, no one will know Ha! (except Tara, of course!)

  4. I love how concise and real your mission statement it. The idea of celebrating the joy of your results is so important. That joy is what will inspire others. I followed your lead and added my blog mission to my About page. Good thinking!

  5. Your mission statement is so powerful and honest and full of passion for what you love! It’s perfect! The blogging my passion book definitely sounds like something I should check out – thanks for sharing about it! Thanks for showing your cute new bag and always being an inspiration to me creatively and in the business side of things too!