Still Life of the Party Installed

Here’s the art quilt I made last week in it’s rightful place:

Still Life of the Party in situ (2)

Isn’t this the coolest drinks cabinet? Kay really likes this cabinet and loves the differently shaped bottles on top, so that was the inspiration for this piece. It was fun to drop by and see the quilt in it’s new home.

Still Life of the Party in situ (1)

They were really happy with the quilt – it looks quite at home in it’s new home!
Still Life of the Party in situ (3)

9 Responses

  1. It’s nice seeing it in it’s rightful place. Thanks! It really does look great there.

  2. beautiful art quilt! I love the bottles theme and it’s so perfect above the drinks cabinet! they look so happy and thrilled with your gift! it’s so thoughtful of you to make it for them!

  3. haha, I have some wine bottles in one of my quilts too – the Yoga 101: The Corkscrew pose. But true to form, I’ve split one in the quilt.
    I like you retro looking bar!