Still Life Art Quilt Commission Complete!

I’ve been posting my progress on a still life commission quilt I worked on this week, day 1 here, day 2 here, day 3 here. It’s DONE! Yesterday I:

  1. Finished the quilting.
  2. Steam blocked it.
  3. Trimmed it square (actually, it’s rectangular, but you know what I mean). This is nerve wracking, FYI!
  4. Decided on the binding color (using the computer to help try out different options by changing the border color around a picture of the quilt.
  5. Stitched the top part of the hanging sleeve to the top back of the quilt
  6. Made a fused binding.
  7. Hand stitched the bottom of the hanging sleeve.

I still was unsure as to the name of the quilt when I went to bed last night – Still Life in Glass was the working title. But overnight my subconscious worked on it so in the morning I had a name I could live with! I then designed and printed the label, fused it to the back, ironed it one last time and then took pictures! I got some halfway decent pictures done just in time to present the quilt to it’s new owner, who came by at noon today. Luckily – they liked it!

Still Life of the Party (34″ x 25.5″)


I was really digging the wood grain – can you find my “signature”Still-life-of-the-Party-Details

I like the back a lot too!Still-life-of-the-Party-BackI could fuss all day with the photos – but I’ve got so much else to do this week I’ve gotta MOVE on for now! PHEW!


23 Responses

  1. I knew you’d do it! Congratulations, it’s beautiful. And, no, I can’t find your signature. I assume it’s somewhere in the wood grain. The back is almost as lovely as the front. Woohoo……one thing to cross off of your list.


  2. Looks fantastic! love the quilting and thanks for sharing your process with us. I love seeing how quilt artists work!

  3. Love the wood grain quilting…I’m going to try that for my little boys cowboy quilt. I’ve been wanting to start it but just couldn’t think of anything. Very nice work. So creative. Love the hidden gems throughout!

  4. That came out great! I like the back of it too because you can see the pattern of the quilting easier and it looks like a thread doodle. I’m glad you could finish it in time for the party. You should get a photo of it in situ to show us too.

  5. wow! your work is amazing. the fabrics look as though they’re layered tissue or paper! I adore it!
    I also really dig seeing the back side of your quilt. It’s an unexpected touch! 🙂
    (from 52 weeks)

  6. WOW!! your quilting is stunning! OK, I’m so inspired to get back into free motion quilting now! although I could never do it nearly as well as you to! You’re awesome!

  7. This is great – so much work!! Do you know the work of the artist Ben Nicholson? I am sure you would like his abstract ‘still life’ paintings.

  8. I am so fond of still life compositions. To create one by quilting seems like such a challenge and you pull it of beautifully! I’m really impressed and I’m especially fond of the stitching. I really like the back a lot too! Perhaps worth doing some more investigating?

  9. Stopping over from 52 Weeks, and all I can say is WOW! It is just stunning, and thank you for letting us in on your process – I loved that!

    My burning question is… how did the client like it??