Emerging from Santa's Sweatshop…

I’ve been hard at work, trying to get a bunch of Going Green Totes done before the USPS mailing deadline of Saturday comes & goes. Of course, since I was making “some” why not make more so I have a few for my shop? Wacky, I know…but behold the fruits of my labors:

I’ve grouped them 2 ways, by size & by color – I made 23 in all! I bought the totes as blanks from Dharma Trading, then hand dyed them a single color, with some nice scrunchy texture. I then embellished them with a single piece of hand dyed fabric and a free motion quilted simple sketch of something nature-like. One thing that is interesting is that when I was deciding upon which color accent fabric for each bag, I had the bags spread all throughout the room. When I group them by color I noticed how often I chose the same accent!

I’ve taken lots of pix and will probably write a tutorial on how this is done, if anyone is interested. I’m also submitting this post to Sew Mam Sew’s “Holidays @ Home”, which is full of fun holliday ideas.

But right now, it’s back to the sweat shop!

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