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So, I’ve just listed 3 messenger bags in my etsy shop. All my previous listings I’ve had one item/listing. This time I show all 3 messenger bags in one listing, with a front view picture of each individual bag and then using a single collage to illustrate all the details of the bags like this:

Messenger bag detail collage
Messenger bag detail collage

Rather than show all these details of each particular bag in it’s own listing. It sure makes the process easier, but I’m worried it may take away the unique aspect of each of my bags – what do you think?

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  1. Hello, I’m new here. (I can’t even remember where I linked from, though I only did it about half an hour ago…. these kids tire me out too much!).
    I just had a look at your etsy listing and wanted to let you know that listing all items on one listing doesn’t at all detract from the uniqueness of each bag. I like that you have the main photo showing five different bags – they all look very different in colour and quilted design. I think (hope) that most people know that when people make things they are all unique, but that they’re made in a very small production manner, so of course you do make more than one at a time.
    And yes, it does take a long time to upload a listing, so I think good idea to try and simplify it a bit.
    I’ll be back for more visiting, really like your art quilting technique.
    (My website is redseedstudio.com.au if you feel like visiting. And my blog is petalplum.blogspot.com).