Quail quArt!

At the YMCA show I did earlier this month, a couple of the Going Green totes I made had birds with little curliques on their heads & tails:


A woman walking by was taken by them, and commissioned me to make an 8″ x 10″ piece of quArt for her mother who loved quail! Now, these birdies weren’t specifically quail before, but after she said that – they’re quail in my mind! Anyway, we talked a bit about colors (green, burgundy, bronze & soft brown) and she left me to it!

Contemplating what to do, I realized something about how my art making process has evolved…turns out it’s easier for me to work if I pull some colors out and work on several pieces at once. It makes the decision process not so agonizing, and I can pop pieces back and forth as I go. Lately I’ve been working like this inorder to produce multiple pieces for a show, but it was equally helpful while only doing one! Also, my client would now have a few to choose from!

Here’s what I ended up with:

quArt: Baubles & Birds #2
quArt: Baubles & Birds #1
quArt: Baubles & Birds #3
quArt: Baubles & Birds #4

The client was by today to pick hers out…I’m sure that her recipient doesn’t read this blog, so I felt safe blogging about them before Christmas! Can you guess which one she chose?

Of course it WOULD be the one with a slightly blurry photo I only notice after its gone!!!!!  😉  #2!

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