My Studio Today

So, here is my studio today. When you enter the door, the 1st thing you see is shelves of folded fabric – YUM! Luckily, these shelves were built in to this space, all I had to do was fold the fabric to fit correctly – now that was fun 😉

Anyway, as you continue on through, there’s a closet on the right:

And then there’s my working wall, with a cut & press station made by hubby. The large pressing board can be removed, and another leaf can fold up out of the back. Note: I don’t often watch TV while working – it’s too distracting and I like to keep an ear on my kids. BUT, it makes the perfect place to plug in an iron…I love have the cord coming down from  on high!

Here’s my desk, this was built in by the previous owners!

Finally, here is my current sewing table:

But now it has company! Hubby is building a new one to take both machines. The Bernina is sitting on a lovely litte cart I got from the scratch & dent at Ikea, it’s

got lots of d

rawers 7 shelves to hold all the bits and pieces for my Bernina, and as it has well, can roll around and sit on my left as I’m sitting.

As you can see, I’ve got some peg board mounted – great at holding tools and boxes of thread. I’ve also mounted some dowels with fun commercial fabric I’ve purchased and want to oogle. I don’t usually work with commercial fabric, except for home decorating, but I still love it, so I buy small bits of it and use it for inspiration!

Hope you enjoyed the tour!

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  1. i just saw the comment that you left on my blog (thanks for going there) I LOVE your organization! That first picture with all the fabric swatches….. luv it!

    My pieces have a keyhole grove drilled into the piece of wood.
    (so it is flush with the wood) this is the first round of work i have done that way and it is working very well – although time consuming and skills needed (luckily my husband does them for me!)

  2. Is that the begining of Max’s tree on the wall? 🙂

    I put a link to your blog from my blog … wooohooo! We’re both dorks!

  3. Hi beautifull work are you related to Taffy, and Honey Glendening?? just wondering . jp