Workspaces I have loved

So, my DH is buidling me a new sewing machine table. I thought I’d recap my older ones and then provide a tutorial of sorts on how he built the new one. This post I’ll give a tour of the studio I had set up in a bedroom back when we lived in a 1930’s cape in newark, OH. Even though things were a bit awkward because of sloped ceilings, I loved this room. I’ve posted pix of this space in a gallery format below, click on each picture for a detailed description.

When we moved to CA 4 years ago, I again had a bedroom to call my own, but it was much smaller, so we’ve had to make new furniture for sewing & cutting. Luckily the bedroom came with a built-in desk with lots of bookshelves, so I had some great storage right from the get go. But that’s for another post!