2019 is Here

Although people like to talk about goals/resolutions at this time of year, it doesn’t HAVE to start on January 1. Change is hard, and it starts with small steps.

I primarily use my blog to talk about my art, but I occasionally like to share major family events; this blog is also a journal of sorts, the only one I’ve ever kept, and I thought I needed to share something personal I’ve been working on for over a year now!

August of 2017 I decided to figure out how to exercise. For me that meant figuring out where (inside not out, it’s so HOT in Redlands so much of the year) and when (right when I wake up, bonus I can avoid the morning rush of Andrew getting Logan to school on time, I was never helpful in that process) and what (an online app called Daily Burn that had a beginner’s workout program taught by a kind coach with participants of all shapes and sizes at different levels of fitness). It was 30 minutes a day, 6 days/week and it helped me overcome a lot of the reasons I had to not exercise. And damn it, all those folks who said that if you exercise you’ll feel better were right!

Some time in the Fall of ‘17 I saw a Facebook ad for a new Pilates Gym coming to Redlands that used reformers; the video made it look like fun and low impact.  I signed up for their 2 classes/week plan and this motivated me to keep with my Daily Burn workouts, so that I would be able to make it through a 50 minute class without looking like a total idiot. Club Pilates Redlands finally opened last February and it was just the kind of place I needed. Folks of all shapes and sizes and fitness levels are starting where they are and moving forward with trainers who keep the classes fresh with new combinations each time and are ready to help adjust exercises that could aggravate an old injury etc. After only a couple of weeks at 2 classes/week I realized that I could DO this, and maybe more than twice a week, so I increased my membership. As the Spring turned to Summer, I found myself going to more and more classes, until most weeks I was going 6 days out of 7. I’m losing weight, and more importantly slowly turning flab into muscle.

Here I am after my Cardio Sculpt class on New Year’s Eve. The folks at the studio were asking people to post their goals for next year; I asked how many classes I’d taken since February, 232 was the answer! (Who is this person? Sometimes I don’t know her!) So my goal for this year is 300 classes – something that I know I can do, (barring any major changes in my life), because I’ve been taking classes at that pace for months now.

If you had told me 2 years ago I would be committing to 300 Pilates classes in 2019 I would have told you that you were insane! But now, I’m setting myself up for success because I know I can do this. Part of the reason I was able to start on this journey towards a healthier me is seeing other people’s journeys on social media; so I’m sharing this here just in case this is in any way helpful to someone else!

Change is hard, and it starts with small steps, and that first step can happen any damn day of the year!

12 Responses

  1. So happy for you, Candy!! And sooo very impressed!! Thank you for sharing this! I truly know first hand how hard this is – with a lot of hurdles working against consistancy, especially with absolutely insane schedules we all have. You are inspiring me to keep doing my best. I, too, found out it really does make me feel better, (darn it!), and found there is truly no other way if I want to have good health going forward. It is worth what ever it takes to commit to this and keep going, and to be true and fearless with things that are good for our physical, mental and emotionl health – and not give up. And the wonderful thing is, in addition to helping ourselves be at our best, it does inspire others, as you said. That is such a gift to feel that and to be able to give to others at the same time as giving to ourselves. Huge congratulations to you on this awesome accomplishment, as well as all of your beautiful artisic endeavors as well! Just glorious! Please keep your updates coming!!Love seeing them and reading about them. All the best in 2019!

  2. I love Pilates. I’m glad you discovered it, too. I’ve been doing it for 19 years and credit it with keeping me in reasonably good shape for my age.