A Busy Holiday Break!

What a busy holiday we’ve had! We had a fabulous Christmas!

Stirling always gets REALLY into present opening, whether it’s for him or not, he’s always exhausted by the end of the day:

The day after Christmas the tree came down and all four of us started painting the living room!

As you can see, painting the living room/entry (and the upstairs hallway as well) is a daunting task!!! But it got done!!! Not only did the walls and ceiling get repainted, those cabinets are filled 3 deep with a large part of our book collection – most of it paperback science fiction:

We’ve switched over to buying most new books on our Kindle app, and it’s been hard to find previous books in a series, sometimes I like to re-read a series from the beginning. So when the books were unpacked from the cabinets so we could move them, they were all scanned into a book organizing app called “Book Crawler”, then re-alphabatized and packed back into those cabinets as efficiently as I could manage! Needless to say, this was all quite the enterprise and I’m just now re-entering sort of “normal” mode! The room is mostly back together, now I’ve got to make some new pillows and DVD baskets to finish it off!

We did have a couple friends over for our traditional Peking Duck New Year’s Eve feast, I only took a picture of the ducks!

Before I knew it, Liam was headed back to his last semester at Vanderbilt!

Luckily, I’ve got one more week before I’ve got to start teaching again!