New Shibori Dyed Curtains in a Freshly Painted Bedroom!!!!

Tadah!!!! My bedroom is painted in a lovely light grey – Benjamin Moore’s “Classic Gray”. The curtains are hung on a “French” curtain rod (I bought this one from Target, I actually had to buy two so I could have 2 supports, sigh.) This type of rod is curved at the corner so the curtain can curve and touch the wall, keeping out ALL the awakening sunlight! Our bedroom is significantly lighter and brighter with this new paint, and the curtains kept the sun out so it was super dark this morning, hooray!!!!

If you’re thinking those walls look blank, I agree with you! That’s next!

2 Responses

  1. Not sure why I think of grey as depressing for myself because this looks great. The precision part of me LOVES how the top stripe aligns perfectly with the window sill. Well done.

    1. I hear you on the “depressing” – there are a LOT of greys out there, and a lot of them ARE depressing, “Battleship” grey! I’ve painted several rooms in my house grey now and each time I have to paint swatches on several walls in that room, and end up going through a few different tones to get the right one! I’m so glad you noticed the stripe alighing with the sill – that was planned, and I too am stoked with how it came out, because that’s a LOT of linen and it would be expensive to re-dye all that if it didn’t come out the way I wanted it to! 😉