Studio Snapshots | Dyeing Linen Curtains

I’ve been hard at work on sprucing up our bedroom! In my last post, I shared pictures of the 3 curtains that I was dyeing, I used zip ties to give a few stripes to the portion of the curtain that would lie under the window (SO much easier than tying it with string!!!!) Here’s a picture taken on the lawn as I was starting the rinsing process:

It looks glorious! And, I also know that it won’t look that glorious when it’s dry. One of the rules of dyeing is that it always looks better wet, it has to do with how the light reflects off wet vs. dry fibers. Anyway, i’m using a heavy (6.8 oz) linen fabric from Dharma, but am also lining the curtains with a blackout lining since our bedroom window gets really bright early in the morning. Making these three panels was quite the chore, it literally took me an entire day!

I did this while hubby and Liam were off on a Minnesota fishing trip, once they returned it was time to get to painting! No fun, but very necessary! Stay tuned!